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Lead Faculty Pilates Educator

Nicole grew up as a competitive dancer. Movement was a huge part of her life. As a young woman, she was diagnosed with an illness that resulted in severe atrophy and permanent numbness of her left leg. Doctors told her it was no longer safe to dance. This experience inspired her to go into healthcare. She worked in Physical Medicine and Neuro Rehabilitation for over six years caring for others in Seattle, WA. She found a new love for the human body and human spirit. When Nicole discovered Pilates, she found that same freedom she had loved about dancing. Pilates taught her how to move in safe and healthy manners. It improved her abilities to move again. Nicole hopes to inspire others to find a safe haven within their own bodies regardless of limitations through education.


Doctor of Physical Therapy

After dealing with chronic low back pain for 8 years, Guillermo was fortunate to immerse himself in a variety of therapeutic movement concepts that helped him move better and get out pain after only three months. He has combined those tools to get his clients out of pain and moving better for almost 10 years. With Sensory Pilates Method, his goal is to bring the most effective mobility and mental performance techniques that he learned to eliminate unnecessary suffering and teach people how to perform at their best.



Business & Branding Consultant

He will never forget the day. So many emotions ran through his body. All a 5-year-old, vintage dressed, Cuban immigrant boy could do was marvel through the airplane window at the tiny cars, roads, buildings, and holiday cheer bestowed upon the Miami geographical landscape. Something clicked inside of him when the airplane touched American soil on December 16th, 1995. He was given a gift many people yearned for, but few received; he had arrived at the land of opportunity. From as far as that life changing day, Enrique has had the mindset that life is a one-time shot to make your mark on this world, to question and shake things up, do things differently, take the road less traveled, and to change the status quo. Enrique is a forward thinking visionary, a hungry professional, an entrepreneur, an avid artist and designer, a thrillist and hustler with a sickening obsession with service, systems, procedures, and solutions. He welcomes you to do things, differently, with him.